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RE: The election is basically over.


RE: The election is basically over.
by Decius at 6:53 pm EDT, Aug 29, 2008

Stefanie wrote:
Actually, I think Palin is the more qualified of the two.

I'll be happy to admit I was wrong if in a month Palin is generally viewed to be qualified for the Vice Presidency but I don't think the general public is going to side with you on that.

I'm not seeing this pro-Obama general consensus to which you refer.

I did not say that there was a pro-Obama general consensus. I said that the general population views him as being a heavy weight intellectual. You can hold this view of him without supporting him. In fact, I hold this view of him and I, frankly, don't know enough about him to support or oppose him. He was the editor of the Harvard Law Review for christ sake. It is, in fact, completely impossible to do that if you aren't a heavy weight intellectual.

This post I think sums up what I'm talking about quite clearly.

Sarah Palin has been in public life, basically, for two years. to my knowledge, she has never articulated (because she was never called upon to articulate) any views whatsoever on:

military strategy in the Persian Gulf
the proper response to Iranian nuclear weapons
the Russian invasion of Georgia
the United Nations
US immigration policy
the Federal Reserve Bank
the effectiveness of international aid programs
Israeli-Palestinian relations
AIDS policy
federal support for basic research
European Union integration
the US Constitution
the optimal means of protecting US borders from terrorists
Guantanamo, and the proper scope of interrogation techniques
Deficit financing and Keynesian economics
the Supreme Court

How anyone could say that knowing what they know now they'd be comfortable with her as President is entirely beyond me.

If Sarah Palin has spent any time in her life thinking about any of these things, there is absolutely no evidence of it anywhere that I am aware of. There is a substantial difference between this person and someone like Obama.

RE: The election is basically over.

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