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Alternative to the TARP plan, the TRIP plan
by skullaria at 2:12 am EDT, Sep 25, 2008

"nder TARP, US Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson is granted sole authority to dispense $700 billion as he sees fit. Paulson said the money would be used to mainly cover losses incurred by failing financial firms, brokerages, investment banks, leveraged buyout firms, insurance agencies, and any other financial entity deemed "too big to fail."

Under the alternative Trends Research Institute Program (TRIP), $700 billion would not be dispensed at the sole discretion of the Economic Czar. Rather, under TRIP the $700 billion would be distributed equally among the 200,000,000 taxpayers who put the money up.
"TRIP is not a bailout plan, it's a stimulus package," said Celente. "Unlike TARP, which is doomed to fail, our plan provides immediate relief. With TARP all the money goes to a handful of failing institutions with the hope that some trickles down to the working public.

"With TRIP, each taxpayer will directly receive a $3.5 million stimulus check. This will instantly generate economic growth, end the housing crisis, reduce unemployment, eliminate consumer debt and balance the budget.

"There is no time to debate TRIP," warned Celente. "Immediate action must be taken. Inaction or delay risks an economic Armageddon. While Congress is wrangling over how much to pay overpaid CEO's under TARP, TRIP could be instantly written into law, solving the economic woes of our nation." "

RE: Alternative to the TARP plan, the TRIP plan
by Decius at 8:24 am EDT, Sep 25, 2008

skullaria wrote:
"With TRIP, each taxpayer will directly receive a $3.5 million stimulus check.

Well, that was entertaining, but it actually only works out to about $3,500 per person, most of which would go right into the banks, which wouldn't be entirely useless but more indirect.

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