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World Chess Championship 2008
by Stefanie at 5:43 pm EDT, Oct 23, 2008

With a draw today, Anand leads Kramnik 5.0 – 2.0 with five games remaining. As sharp as Anand has been playing, it's doubtful that Kramnik has a chance to come back.

Game 5 will probably be considered the point when things got out of hand for Kramnik. After 29. Nxd4??, White can't prevent eventually being pinned in by Black's Rook and e-pawn. Granted, it's a pretty bad blunder for a GM, time trouble or not, but Anand deserves credit for being agressive and keeping the pressure on Kramnik.

Official Website (not quite as easy to navigate as the Wikipedia article)

RE: World Chess Championship 2008
by Stefanie at 2:26 pm EDT, Oct 27, 2008

Kramnik finally won a game to close in at 4.0 - 6.0, but he has to win the remaining two games to force a tiebreaker. If Anand simply gets a single draw, he retains his title.

You can play through all of the games here.

RE: World Chess Championship 2008
by Stefanie at 9:08 am EDT, Oct 31, 2008

As expected, Anand got his draw, and retained his title. I think it's good for chess that he won, as it legitimizes his unified title as World Champion, which he won in a tournament last year, as opposed to a traditional one-on-one match against Kramnik. Going forward, no one has a valid argument that Anand didn't earn it, and stability is what the title needs right now. Plus, I'm also happy for Anand, because he's been so close for so long.

The World Chess Championship 2009 will be played by Anand (India) and the winner of the challenger match between Veselin Topalov (Bulgaria) and Gata Kamsky (Russia/USA). I think Topalov (who barely lost a controversial title match to Kramnik in 2006) has to be considered a heavy favorite against Kamsky.

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