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RE: Palin's comment on science research....


RE: Palin's comment on science research....
by Decius at 11:20 am EDT, Oct 29, 2008

But I disagree with the view that she committed a "gaffe" here. She said exactly what she intended to say. There was no slip of the tongue here.

Perhaps I frequently think thats the case with things called gaffes. They meant it. They just didn't realize it was a stupid thing to say. The fact that Palin's ignorance is willful doesn't mean it isn't genuine.

Considering the present situation, it's doubtful whether this comment caused any of Palin's remaining supporters to change their mind, turn away, and decide to vote for Obama/Biden.

"There are still people hanging on by their fingernails who need to be
moved into the sell column,"
said Michael Farr, president of the Washington money-management firm Farr, Miller & Washington.

RE: Palin's comment on science research....

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