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RE: Big Creek Trail


RE: Big Creek Trail
by Lost at 10:32 pm EDT, Oct 28, 2008

Worthersee wrote:

Jello wrote:

Preview: This multiuse trail explores the floodplain of Big Creek (Vickery Creek) from Webb Bridge Road to Mansell Road. Rob Warrilow got the idea for Big Creek Trail when he visited his son at college in Colorado, where a similar trail existed. Warrilow, an engineer for the city of Alpharetta, knew that an easement in the hundred-year floodplain of Big Creek would be a great place to build the same kind o...

Apparently is good for mountain biking.

Yes it is good for mountain biking. I'm planning on going this Thursday after the cold front blows over. If anyone is interested in meeting there let me know.

More info:
Map of the trails

How to get there:

• Take GA-400 North.
• Exit #7A Holcomb Bridge
• At the second stop light Go North (turn left) on Old Alabama.
• Slow down when you see the entrance to Belcourt Apartments on the left.
• Turn left into gravel parking lot (look for Big Creek Park sign).

I would totally be down for riding Thursday, but I am presently without mountain bike. Am looking for one.

RE: Big Creek Trail

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