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The Associated Press: Palin calls for break from Bush energy policy
by Mike the Usurper at 1:22 pm EDT, Oct 31, 2008

Palin spoke after touring Xunlight Corp., one of a handful of solar technology startup companies in Toledo, a struggling industrial city in this swing state. The city's leaders are hoping that the solar companies will create jobs to replace some of those lost by downsizing in the auto industry.

But Palin made only a passing reference to solar power in her speech and instead renewed her call for more drilling in U.S. coastal waters. She repeated her signature anthem, "drill, baby, drill," which seemed to fall a bit flat on the audience at the plant even as it's become a popular chant at her rallies.

(emphasis mine)
Yep, "drill, baby, drill" at a solar energy company. I'd say Caribou Barbie indeed. There really isn't anything except a couple slogans bouncing around in that empty plastic head.

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