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Local GOP Chairman distributes racist e-mail | | Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater
by Mike the Usurper at 4:45 pm EDT, Oct 31, 2008

The head of the Hillsborough GOP, David Storck, distributed an email from a Republican Party volunteer saying the voters are a threat.

That's because, as the volunteer says in the email, he sees "car loads of black Obama supporters coming from the inner city to cast their votes for Obama."

It goes on to say, "This is their chance to get a black president and they seem to care little the he is at minimum a socialist and probably Marxist in his core beliefs." The Republican volunteer says that is because, "After all he is black- no experience or accomplishments but he is black."

And the bigots start to get exposed... as GOP officials?

Not to say all GOP officials are bigots, I mean just because Mitt Romney's church is the biggest funder for Prop 8 in California, and this deal above, and John McCain's silence after getting asked about voting for a government insurance plan that covered viagra but not the birth control pill, and guys like Rush Limbaugh screaming about how the NFL wants McNabb to succeed because they need to be able to point at black quarterbacks, and Hannity has anti-semites on his show, and Nancy Pfotenhauer talking about "real Virginia," and Bob Allen, McCain's Florida co-chair who went to jail after telling a black undercover cop he'd give the cop $20 if he (Allen) could suck off the cop then said he made the offer because he was afraid of black people... Okay, so maybe a lot of them are.

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