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An observation on the Jury system
by Decius at 5:49 pm EST, Dec 2, 2008

"The thing that really bothered me was that her attorney kept claiming that nobody reads the terms of service," she said. "I always read the terms of service....If you choose to be lazy and not go through that entire agreement or contract of agreement, then absolutely you should be held liable."

Wow, really?? Is this person really representative of normal people and their opinions? I think she is either lying or confused or crazy, or she doesn't really use computers. Carefully reading every TOS or shinkwrap agreement you encounter on the Internet is completely impractical. Reasonable people might think you responsible, on some level, for abiding by those terms anyway, but the question is HOW responsible? Responsible enough to go to prison for violating the terms? Here an affirmative answer is given by someone who cannot possibly be living up to the standard she professes to.

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