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Windows 7: The Linux killer
by w1ld at 10:19 pm EST, Jan 12, 2009

This guy is smoking something...

Microsoft has long been worried about Linux competition in the server market. When it came to ordinary PCs and laptops, however, it knew it had little to fear.

But that was then. Now Microsoft may fear Linux on the desktop as much as it does the Mac. It's finally taking Linux seriously as a desktop operating system, and it has designed Windows 7 to kill it.

Let me explain.

RE: Windows 7: The Linux killer
by noteworthy at 10:56 pm EST, Jan 12, 2009

w1ld wrote:

This guy is smoking something ...

He has a tendency to elicit strong reactions.

He seems to be waffling on the subject:

The blogosphere is abuzz with a news report that Microsoft has announced a version of Windows 7 specifically designed for netbooks. That news report, however, is flat-out wrong. Microsoft has made no such announcement, and might not even be working on a netbook-specific version of the operating system.

Because an unmodified version of Windows 7 can run on netbooks, it's not necessarily true that there needs to be a netbook version. So for now, the next time you hear someone say that Microsoft has "confirmed" that it's working on a netbook version of Windows 7, you can safely tell them that it simply isn't true.

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