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This page contains all of the posts and discussion on MemeStreams referencing the following web page: The Easybeats, 'Sorry' (1966) - Boing Boing. You can find discussions on MemeStreams as you surf the web, even if you aren't a MemeStreams member, using the Threads Bookmarklet.

The Easybeats, 'Sorry' (1966) - Boing Boing
by Decius at 4:13 pm EST, Jan 23, 2009

Great garage mod punk from The Easybeats (1966). According to Frank at Save vs. Death, "George Young, the rhythm guitar player, is the older brother of Angus and Malcom Young and produced the first six AC/DC records. How's that for an awesome pedigree?" There's a family resemblance for sure!

This thread contains an collection of YouTube videos of Aussie rock that seems to collectively cover the gap between the beatles and early 90's grunge bands. A few interesting tracks in here.

Although not Aussie, this video from the Monks in particular is amazing for it's time.

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