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The List(tm)
by Acidus at 6:47 pm EST, Feb 19, 2009

So I have this thing, I joking keep a list of people/things that I hope to one day punch in the face for some reason or another.

Mozilla is on it.
... actually twice.
web developers
Border/Customs Officials
Tim Bernes-Lee, father of the World Wide Web
Anyone at the end of a reliable transport connection
People who use eval() insecurely
Its go time Peleus!

But I digress

People have often wondered if I'll ever actually do any punching. Those people obviously have never seen what I drink. :-) However, I like to dream that one day, I'll be rich, and spend my time flying across the country, and administering some very necessary (if late) justice. And in my dream, it looks an awful lot like this:

You know, with all that money we've been making man we can buy alot of plane tickets...

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