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Louis Kahn and the lost art of sketching
by possibly noteworthy at 7:33 am EST, Feb 26, 2009

Witold Rybczynski on Louis Kahn.

In a small room, one does not say what one would in a large room.

Louis Kahn:

A good idea that doesn't happen is no idea at all.

I.M. Pei:

Quality, not quantity.

V.S. Naipaul:

Ideas are abstract. They become books only when they are clothed with people and narrative.

Garry Winogrand:

I think part of the aim was to unsettle people's ideas, whether his own or other people's. To move people out of an unquestioning space and to some less settled space in which the authority of rules and structures was broken up a bit.

Louis Kahn, again:

I like English history. I have volumes of it, but I never read anything but the first volume. Even at that, I only read the first three or four chapters. My purpose is to read Volume Zero, which has not been written.

Have you seen My Architect?

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