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RE: Bear Market's Bite Could Go Deeper


RE: Bear Market's Bite Could Go Deeper
by Decius at 2:59 pm EST, Mar 2, 2009

noteworthy wrote:

How much uglier can it get?

Many market participants think capitulation -- when investors take their losses and get out of the market altogether -- must precede a major market recovery.

I'm sick of all this mushy bullshit about investor sentiment. Doesn't this huge banking and finance system that pays out multi-million dollar bonuses to people even when they loose money actually pay for technical analysts who have a quantitative understanding of how much things are worth and can explain a target range for equities prices that is related to actual economic data? After a fifty percent drop in the value of the economy its about damn time these poeple stopped holding their cards to their chests and came clean about what the situation is so that the rest of us can make informed decisions. I'm beginning to wonder whether there is nothing there - Is wall street really all just a bunch of bullshit - people making gut calls because they feel like there has been a capitulation and pretending to do a bunch of math so that it seems like they've got things under control?

RE: Bear Market's Bite Could Go Deeper

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