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RE: The great repression


RE: The great repression
by skullaria at 1:39 pm EST, Mar 3, 2009

possibly noteworthy wrote:
Niall Ferguson:

It began as a sub-prime surprise, then became a credit crunch and is now a global financial crisis. At last month's World Economic Forum at Davos there was much finger-pointing - Russia and China blamed the US, everyone blamed the bankers, the bankers blamed everyone - but little in the way of forward-looking ideas. From where I was sitting, most attendees were still stuck in the Great Repression: deeply anxious, but fundamentally in denial about the nature and magnitude of the problem.

There's a reason why every major religion has 'laws' against usary, isn't there?
I think so. This article is funny, talking about mortgages and indebtedness, and no one is discussing the fact that credit card interest can go as high as 37% in some states.

RE: The great repression

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