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Britain wanting to outlaw KNIVES? Man Guilty of Killing Harry Potter Actor
by skullaria at 6:38 am EST, Mar 5, 2009

What struck me as really strange is how a lot of this article talks about Britain's KNIFE PROBLEM ?? (Could it be people killing people and not guns?)

"A habitually violent young man was convicted Wednesday of the murder of teenage actor Rob Knox, who had starred in the latest "Harry Potter" film....

.... Knife crime in Britain is a political hot topic due to a spate of recent killings of mainly young people in major cities. UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown has urged tougher sentences for those caught carrying knives. He told the Daily Telegraph last month: "By carrying a knife you are not only endangering the lives of others, but you are more likely to be killed, or end up in jail.

"We need to change the way young people think about knives, we need families and communities working together ... to get this message across and help stamp out knife crime and get weapons off our streets."

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