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A Struggle Over US Cybersecurity
by possibly noteworthy at 7:56 am EDT, Mar 10, 2009

The resignation of the federal government's cybersecurity coordinator highlights a power struggle underway over how best to defend the government's civilian computer networks against digital attacks.

Rod A. Beckstrom resigned the post Friday after less than a year on the job, citing a lack of funding and the National Security Agency's tightening grip on government cybersecurity matters.

"He brought a completely different perspective, which in one way could have been his undoing," said a senior member of the intelligence community.

From last year's best-of:

Someone needed to bring it, so I brought it.

From the archive, a personal favorite:

The evidence suggests that from an executive perspective, the most desirable employees may no longer necessarily be those with proven ability and judgment, but those who can be counted on to follow orders and be good "team players."

From the documentation:

MemeStreams has a reputation system, which takes your perspective into account.

From Decius, in 2007:

It is our failure to avoid embracing fear and sensationalism that will be our undoing. We're still our own greatest threat.

Always the classic:

Is more what we really need?

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