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RE: Billy Wins a Cheeseburger


RE: Billy Wins a Cheeseburger
by skullaria at 8:25 pm EDT, Mar 23, 2009

Acidus wrote:
I win!

I do a lot of contests- it's a big hobby for me and quite profitable even without doing anything illegal, lol, and I've seen this sort of thing for a while. The other major problem I see is with required purchase entry codes or receipt codes. Often they are very easy to guess with no checking for possession of the code unless you have a big win.

They like to use Flash for the contests, because it makes a pretty experience, and helps prevent automated entry. Entry can then be a booger, but a g15 keyboard can help even that with the keystroke count.

Eprize seems to run about the tightest ship with contests and contest security. It is sometimes almost funny to me to watch the smaller companies trying to implement flash contests for themselves.

RE: Billy Wins a Cheeseburger

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