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The Proposed Federalization of the Computer Security Field
by Decius at 7:47 am EDT, Apr 3, 2009

"Provide for licensing and certification of cybersecurity professionals." What the hell is this? The bill would require "...a professional licensing and certification program for cybersecurity professionals similar to those required for other major professions." So in order to do security functions you'll have to go to Security School and pass your boards? I suppose if you do something unapproved, like the wrong kind of research, your license can be revoked. I don't like where this part is going.

I strongly agree with this sentiment. There many be many good ideas wrapped up in this bill but professional licensure of security professionals is a terrible idea. You know its time for a career change when the common denominator in your profession gets to decide who is and is not allowed to practice it.

RE: The Proposed Federalization of the Computer Security Field
by skullaria at 5:03 am EDT, Apr 4, 2009

I've considered this before - sorta like nursing - but taking care of computers.

With nursing, every year or two I have to pay 85.00 to maintain my license. It is sort of a tax really. I don't GET anything for the money, other than a card to show I have a license.

Of course, in nursing, the practioners that were already in the field were grandfathered in of sorts.

But I dunno, the thing is it is all about govt control, and I'm already getting enough of that when I have to worry about if I can have TWO free range egg producing chickens on my private acreage. All this govt feels like a slowly tightening noose around my NECK. So for that reason alone, I say BLEH....

No. No no no no no.

I mean, it sounds good in some ways, in theory, but the older I get, the more I want to be able to go get my OWN meds from the pharmacy, without a prescription. I'd really like to be able to be responsible for MYSELF please. I'm sick to death of being protected, and besides, computers are NOT more important that people.

Of course you'd not know this by the could theoretically rape or beat someone and get less time than if you guessed someone's password and read their email.

...besides, would we really want to risk arresting people for practicing computer security without a license?

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