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RE: Another Ajax powered XSS worm


RE: Another Ajax powered XSS worm
by Rattle at 1:51 pm EDT, Apr 13, 2009

Acidus wrote:
An XSS/Ajax worm hit Twitter. But its cool, because Ajax doesn't help amplify XSS attacks right? oh, wait, it does.

This is so fucking lame:

var randomUpdate=new Array();
randomUpdate[0]="Dude, is awesome. What's the fuss?";
randomUpdate[1]="Join everyone!";
randomUpdate[2]="Woooo, :)";
randomUpdate[3]="Virus!? What? is legit!";

The evil side of me thinks it would be fun to patch the virus to something like this and re-release it:

var randomUpdate=new Array();
randomUpdate[0]="Dude, I don't see any of these killer robots you are tweating about. What's the fuss?";
randomUpdate[1]="Join the fight against the killer robots everyone!";
randomUpdate[2]="Woooo, we've finally got killer robots!  Soon maybe flying cars finally :)";
randomUpdate[3]="Virus!? What? This isn't a bunch of infected vacuum cleaners we are talking about here..  THESE ARE KILLER ROBOTS FROM OUTER SPACE!";
randomUpdate[4]="Wow...I just watched a killer robot eat my mailman..";
randomUpdate[5]="@twitter It's all your fault, the killer robots use twitter to communicate!";

RE: Another Ajax powered XSS worm

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