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The Associated Press: Ohio's Demjanjuk is denied stay of deportation
by Mike the Usurper at 1:14 pm EDT, Apr 14, 2009

An immigration appeals board has denied an emergency stay of deportation requested by John Demjanjuk (dem-YAHN'-yuk), who faces charges in Germany that he served as a Nazi death camp guard during World War II.

A) I thought he was already dead. B) Going through the history, he was accused of being one guy and sentenced to death by Israel, but their courts tossed that after being given information by the Russians. C) He's now accused of being someone else?

I don't know whether he actually did it or not, but this is looking like a vendetta, and 64 years after the end of the war, I say let drop the issue and let God sort this one out. He doesn't have long left and has been going through this stuff for 20+ years already.

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