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Lessons Learned from Previous Employment
by possibly noteworthy at 1:15 pm EDT, May 16, 2009

Adam Shand:

The flexibility to manage your own time is invaluable.

Sometimes managing your friends really sucks.

It's possible to get accustomed to anything. Make bloody sure you are aware of what you've become accustomed to.

Curiosity is worth looking for, especially in technical interviews.

Donald Rumsfeld:

Learn to say "I don't know." If used when appropriate, it will be often.

Martin Schwartz:

Science makes me feel stupid too. It's just that I've gotten used to it.

Robert McNamara:

Rationality will not save us.

Colin Powell:

Avoid having your ego so close to your position that when your position falls, your ego goes with it.

Norm Augustine:

Ninety percent of the time things will turn out worse than you expect. The other 10 percent of the time you had no right to expect so much.

Richard Hamming:

If you do not work on an important problem, it's unlikely you'll do important work.

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