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A cheap whim....My experience with pinhole glasses
by skullaria at 9:27 pm EDT, Jun 3, 2009

I have had a lot of luck with Aryuvadic herbs, actually better luck than with Western medicine, so I've been trying to learn more about it.

Well, the other day, I stumbled upon this idea of pinhole glasess. Most of the sites I saw looked pretty questionable, and some even touted conspiracy theories of how the FDA tried to keep them out of the hands of consumers.

As I was looking for info, and saw they were a dollar on ebay, so I bought a pair. They came a couple of days ago, from Nepal.

I've had a problem for years with my eyes not focusing well to different distances. Like, for example, if I am outside, and I come in to the PC, there's a good 10 minutes I can't see the PC all that well. I take my glasses off and squint to see.

Well I opened my mail from Nepal at my pc, and put these glasses on. I noticed instantly I could read the pc very well, AND I could look across my house into the kitchen and STILL see well.

I took them outside - oh they are great in the pool. I can see everything and at 1.00 a pair and plastic, they block out the sun and I'm not worried about losing them or breaking them in the pool. I could see everything - better than with my glasses on.

Now, there's a weirdness to them. I wouldn't drive with them, that's for sure, because there is peripheal vision loss. There's also the black dots that you have to get used to. (Didn't take me long at all to not notice them, but my husband never could adjust.)

I kept thinking of poor ol' Piggy, in Lord of the Flies, and how if he just knew about these, he couldn't made him some from palm leaves.

My name should have been Velma, but my dog won't help me look even for Scooby snacks.

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