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Zero Gravity Water Bubble
by possibly noteworthy at 11:28 am EDT, Jun 14, 2009

Zero gravity water bubble and Alka Seltzer experiment

From a year ago:

American authorities may be deluding themselves into believing they can forestall the endgame of post-bubble adjustments.

Decius, in a prescient post from 2004:

Ever wanted to know what life was like in the 30s? You will.


I thought I was unlucky graduating into the tech bust. I had no idea.

From a few years back:

The United States government does not want billboards in space.

The Federal Aviation Administration proposed Thursday to amend its regulations to ensure that it can enforce a law that prohibits "obtrusive" advertising in zero gravity.

Keep your space-based advertising tasteful, folks. Think quaint New England hamlet ...

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