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RE: Where will growth come from?


RE: Where will growth come from?
by Lost at 11:03 pm EDT, Jun 16, 2009

Decius wrote:
In the early 90's recession I'll bet everyone on MemeStreams could have predicted a telecom boom. Three and more years ago MemeStreams was predicting a housing crash. If there was an opportunity for growth, you'd think someone here would be tuned into it. I'm not. With gas prices back to normal I don't see the boom in green technologies and urbanization that many people imagine. Political will doesn't create economic opportunity. It comes from pent up demand. The only thing I think we have pent up demand for right now is retirement savings.

The cloud and big data analytics. That is where the boom will come from. It will be just as disruptive as the adoption of mainframes and factory automation.

RE: Where will growth come from?

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