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Building Successful Long Term Relationships
by noteworthy at 7:49 pm EDT, Jun 20, 2009

Teresa DiFalco:

Minor drama is the lifeblood of suburbs.

From the archive:

There is no magic anymore.

"We're all flabbergasted," one European diplomat said.

Fred Wilson:

I thought today might be a good opportunity to talk about ... building successful long term relationships in business. In my business, the most important relationships are those between my partners and me, and the relationships with the entrepreneurs we back and their teams. It's absolutely critical to get those relationships right and sustain them for the long haul.

Tolerance is critical to a successful long term relationship. You need to be able to tune out certain stuff that gets old and let it pass you by without getting annoyed or upset.

Even more important are shared values and vision.

Pico Iyer:

It seems that happiness, like peace or passion, comes most freely when it isn't pursued.

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