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US Mint - "Buy money with your credit card" is BACK!
by CypherGhost at 2:26 pm EDT, Aug 24, 2009

At SummerCon I was talking about how you can sometimes buy $1 coins from the U.S. Mint's web site, get free shipping, rack up the miles/points/rebates/etc on your credit card and repeat.

Well, that program is back. The web site is a little confusing. The shopping card will say "$4.95" ESTIMATED shipping, but the page for these coins says "The United States Mint pays for standard shipping and handling of domestic orders."

Supposedly this is a program to help get the coins in circulation because people generally don't like them.

Anyway, they come pre-rolled and ready for deposit at your bank (or to pay your credit card bill).

In the past there was a limit per order, but I don't see one listed anywhere. The shopping card will let you buy $25,000 worth. The transaction is processed as a "Purchase" not a "Cash Advance."

Order now and you might get them by Dragon*Con. The shotgun shell shaped, hard metal tubes are very dense and pretty much require your carry-on to be opened and that they will have to dig through all of the creative stuff you put on top of it, because, you know, you want to use lots of packing popcorn so it doesn't get damaged.

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