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Yahoo! News - U.S. Detects Al Qaeda Camp in Iran - NBC News
by w1ld at 11:49 pm EDT, Sep 25, 2002

"U.S. intelligence has detected what appears to be an al Qaeda training camp in a remote region of eastern Iran along the border with Afghanistan ( news - web sites), NBC News reported on Wednesday, citing unidentified sources.

The network said it was told by its sources that overhead imagery of the site shows a suspected terrorist camp that includes a driving course and rifle range very much like al Qaeda camps in Afghanistan that were used to train for assassinations, NBC reported.

Iran has denied that al Qaeda members have sought refuge within its borders.

Washington has named Iran part of an "axis of evil" accusing it of seeking to acquire weapons of mass destruction and sponsoring terrorism, a charge Iran denies. "

Will Bush get on his soap box and start beating the drum for a regime change in Iran now?

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