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RE: MemeStreams receives DMCA takedown


RE: MemeStreams receives DMCA takedown
by Rattle at 2:26 pm EDT, Sep 1, 2009

Is this the first DMCA letter Memestreams has received? You'd think between you, me, Virgil, Mike, Rattle, deC0de and others we would have generated more of these by now...

It is kind of shocking it's the first one we've received. However, I find it pretty disturbing that we consider corporations exercising prior restraint powers on vocal members of the infosec scene "normal".

I'm really pissed off about this. TI shot out C&D's like a flack cannon. Tom wasn't providing any information that could be used to infringe anything. He was discussing the larger ramifications of what happened. That should be protected speech.

I've yet to see any media attention to TI's actions. I hope this doesn't pass without bad behavior being called out...

RE: MemeStreams receives DMCA takedown

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