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eXile #162 - Nostalgia for the Blood Mop - by John Dolan
by Lost at 9:46 pm EST, Mar 22, 2003

John Dolan's excellent reporting on a recent No Rules fighting match in Moscow... DAMN IT, I can't believe I missed this!

eXile #162 - Nostalgia for the Blood Mop - by John Dolan
by Rattle at 5:53 am EST, Mar 23, 2003

One of the saddest things about having been born too soon is that by the time no-rules fighting came along, I was hopelessly old, sick and damaged. Sure, there were various “martial arts” when I was young. I tried the most popular, karate-only to discover it had more in common with ballet school than fighting. They didn’t do full contact in standard karate classes back then. You were supposed to pull your punches and kicks, so you never found out if you could hurt anyone or not. Bart Simpson said it all in the episode where he pretends to go to the Mall’s karate dojo, reacting to Sensei’s claptrap about inner peace by saying, “Dude, I already know how not to hit a guy.”

Fiction came before fact in the genesis of no-rules tournaments. Long before real full-contact inter-style competitions began, dozens of Hong Kong movies focused on imaginary secret tournaments in which fighters of different styles were lured to the mysterious East and forced to fight each other to the death: sumo vs. karate, judo vs. kickboxing, boxers against capoeira masters, aikido gurus against wrestlers. Despite the fact that every one of these movies made money from the hordes of dreaming nerds around the world, it wasn’t till the late eighties some entrepreneur in the US got the obvious idea of doing one of those tournaments for real.

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