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by Acidus at 10:56 pm EDT, Sep 20, 2009

Well, let’s assume that Microsoft had .NET runtimes on everything. Right now I’m staring at an IV machine in the hospital room where our next son will be born. Why couldn’t a doctor Tweet that machine? Using a message that looks something like this:

@sequoia_iv_0451 set level to 1 pt per hour

That would change the drip rate on her machine to 1 pint per hour.

That doesn’t seem that important, does it? But now what if EVERY device in the hospital had a runtime like this and could be queried through a Twitter language?

Wouldn’t that open up new application possibilities that don’t exist today? Absolutely!

... ... I don't know what to even say to this. Ignore the massive security issues. Ignore that Robert is suggesting a 3rd party run by hipsters should be used dispense medical care. A system that fails so often that it uses a flying smiling whale instead of HTTP 500 server errors. Ignore that this is yet another love letter blog post in the "wow, twitter is *Amazing*!" collective circle jerk that is Silicon Valley these days.

I ignore all of that... and I still am overwhelmed by this. Somewhere, the IPv6 guys are all going "See! He gets it!"

[mental note to self: use the phrase "collective circle jerk" more often]

RE: silly
by Decius at 10:58 am EDT, Sep 21, 2009

Acidus wrote:
Somewhere, the IPv6 guys are all going "See! He gets it!

Apparently you missed the Botanicals Kit.

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