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Weblogs, Information, and Society | Event at UC Berkeley
by Jeremy at 6:58 pm EDT, Apr 8, 2003

UC Berkeley's Graduate School of Journalism is hosting an event entitled "Weblogs, Information, and Society" on April 10.

Speakers include: Dan Gillmor, San Jose Mercury News; Ross Mayfield, CEO of Socialtext; Donna Wentworth, Harvard's Berkman Center; Ed Felten, Princeton; Scott Rosenberg, Salon; and Ernest Miller, LawMeme.

Description: The Weblogs Information and Society panel draws webloggers from academe, business, and journalism to explore how weblogs continue to change the way groups and individuals work, learn, and communicate.

The panel will also explore how weblogs, and social software in particular, facilitate civic and creative engagement by increasing the fluidity of information between individuals and organizations. This developing relationship between weblogs, information, and society is significant and deserves further discussion.

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