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ZDNet: Open-source battle rages in Oregon
by Rattle at 1:46 am EDT, Apr 10, 2003

] A group of open-source advocates and critics will meet
] behind closed doors Wednesday afternoon, in the first of
] at least two meetings in search of a compromise on what
] could be the first bill in the United States to encourage
] the use of open-source software by a state government.
] The bill, introduced by Oregon Rep. Phil Barnhart,
] D-Eugene, last month, would require the state to consider
] using open-source software when buying new programs.
] Although the bill does not specifically mandate
] open-source software over proprietary software, the bill
] does say it cannot be excluded from the selection
] process. The bill, HB 2892, also says open-source options
] can "significantly reduce the state's costs of obtaining
] and maintaining software."

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