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Wired News: IQ Test for Rebuilding Iraqi Net
by Elonka at 1:50 pm EDT, Apr 10, 2003

] Most Iraqis have been unable to access the Internet since
] March 31, when cruise missiles hit servers and satellite
] dishes at the Information Ministry in Baghdad. Repeated
] strikes on telephone switching centers have also disabled
] much of the phone service in the city, rendering dial-up
] modems -- Iraqis' predominant means of connecting to the
] Internet -- useless. Additionally, the war has knocked
] out almost all of the websites operated by the Iraqi
] government and state-controlled media.
] Meanwhile, the U.S. government's plans for repairing
] Iraq's IT infrastructure are still unclear. The Bush
] administration has charged the Agency for International
] Development with rebuilding the infrastructure and public
] facilities in post-war Iraq. But none of the agency's
] eight projects currently out for bid includes repairing
] Iraq's telecommunications or information technology.

I'm particularly interested in this too, to find out what happened to Salam Pax, the "Where Is Raed" blogger. According to a 3/31/2003 article in Salon, his IP was hit hard:


] Meanwhile, two primary Internet access points for Iraqi
] citizens -- among them a high-profile blogger using the
] alias "Salam Pax" -- have been unreachable since the weekend.
] A Cisco switch that connected Baghdad residents to the Internet
] stopped responding Saturday morning, Iraq time. The device,
] located at Internet protocol address, served as a
] Web gateway for many citizens.
] The headers of a March 19 e-mail message from Salam Pax, author
] of Where Is Raed? a popular blog chronicling life in Baghdad,
] showed he connected to the Internet using the switch. Pax's
] electronic journal has not been updated since early last week.

Salam Pax's blog, last updated March 24, is here:

There is a redundant post from Andy not displayed in this view.
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