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The Salt Lake Tribune -- Utah's Statewide Newspaper
by wilpig at 8:26 am EDT, Apr 15, 2003

] Messman used the occasion to unveil NetWare 6.5, noting the
] latest version of Novell's signature software includes several
] tools to integrate the company's product with a variety of
] open-source applications, databases, networks and computer systems.
] By fully supporting open source, Novell will "enable our
] customers to realize the value of their information and deliver it
] securely and economically to any stakeholder, anytime, anywhere,
] through any device and across any platform," Messman said
] "We are not dropping NetWare, we are adding Linux,"
] Messman stressed. "You can stick with Novell. . . . We
] will not abandon you, our customers, and you do not have
] to abandon us to get the technologies and the solutions
] you need."
] Underscoring Novell's support of open-source
] programming, vice chairman Chris Stone, who followed
] Messman to the dais, announced that Linux and Macintosh
] desktop clients for the company's GroupWise e-mail,
] instant messaging and time-management application will be
] released later this year.

Well most everyone that knows me will tell you I am pro-novell. The last several years they have undergone many CEO changes and shifts in how the company saw itself in the market. They started the move to an entirely web based system 3 years ago and have backed it up with the latest announcement an brainshare. By allowing their technology to open to the linux community they are hoping to see some of that lost market come back.

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