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Author of 'The Ultimate Spy': H. Keith Melton
by Elonka at 3:54 pm EDT, Apr 15, 2003

] CI Centre Professor H. Keith Melton is a renowned
] military historian, author and expert on clandestine
] devices and equipment. He is recognized internationally
] as an authority on espionage paraphernalia and has
] assembled an unparalleled collection of spy devices,
] books, and papers of famous spies--a portion of which is
] currently on temporary display in the Cold War Exhibit
] within the headquarters of the CIA. Melton also serves as
] an advisor to US intelligence agencies on historical
] espionage equipment.

Someone gave me a copy of "The Ultimate Spy" for Christmas, and I've been impressed by the quality of the book. The author, Keith Melton, is one of the guys out there who *really* does his research. This book has a ton of pictures and info tidbits, and as I flipped through it I learned a great deal about the history of spy equipment and techniques over the years.

This website is also a great resource... Click on the "links" section and there are dozens of interesting links to various intelligence-related sites around the web.

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