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Blackboard Facts
by Rattle at 3:24 am EDT, Apr 16, 2003

As they are attempting to screw with our freedom of speech, lets take a molment to single out the people and organizations behind Blackboard.

Senior Management:

* Matthew Serbin Pittinsky, Chairman
* Michael L. Chasen, CEO & Director
* Stephen Hoffman, President & COO
* Peter Repetti, CFO
* Andrew H. Rosen, Esq, EVP, Corporate Development & General Counsel, General Manager, International
* Ken Krushel, EVP, Business Development
* Todd Gibby, General Manager, Course & Portal Solutions
* Jim Hermens, General Manager, Commerce & Access Solutions
* Susan Katz, Senior Vice President, Sales

Board of Directors:

* Doug Alexander, Internet Capital Group
* Robert E. Grady, The Carlyle Group
* Dr. Arthur Levine, Teachers College, Columbia University
* Roger Novak, Novak Biddle
* William L. Jacobs, The New Power Company
* Mark L. Walsh, VerticalNet Inc.

Alliance Partners:

* AOL Time Warner Inc.
* Datatel
* Dell Computer
* Harcourt College Publishers
* Houghton Mifflin
* McGraw-Hill
* Microsoft
* NextEd
* Oracle
* Pearson Education
* PeopleSoft
* Sun Microsystems
* Thomson Learning

Anyone have any background info on any of their senior management or board that may be of interest? What other companies share board members with Blackboard, etc..

There is a redundant post from Dr. Nanochick not displayed in this view.
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