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This page contains all of the posts and discussion on MemeStreams referencing the following web page: Sony sinks $1.6 billion into 'Cell' plant | CNET You can find discussions on MemeStreams as you surf the web, even if you aren't a MemeStreams member, using the Threads Bookmarklet.

Sony sinks $1.6 billion into 'Cell' plant | CNET
by w1ld at 1:48 pm EDT, Apr 21, 2003

] More details about the highly secretive "Cell"
] processor--slated to power the upcoming Sony PlayStation
] 3 game console--emerged Monday. ... This puts the earliest
] date of release of the PlayStation 3 at late 2005, or more
] likely 2006, considering the amount of time needed to
] develop the process technology and mass-produce the new chip.

Looks like the PS2 is going to be around for a couple more years.

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