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Wired News: Futurist Fears End of Innovation
by Rattle at 2:11 am EDT, Apr 28, 2003

] Author Howard Rheingold believes the freedom of
] technologists to innovate is under attack as never
] before.

] "They would very much like to get us back to the days
] when there were three radio stations and one telephone
] company," he said. "We're going to have to fight to
] remain users and not be turned back into consumers."

] "Incumbents (are) using their political or economic power
] to push back or thwart newcomers," he said.

] After the talk, Rheingold said, "An era is coming to an
] end. Geeks and consumers are under assault. We really
] have to organize to protect our rights."

] Esther Dyson, former chair of ICANN and a noted
] technology impresario, said she agreed with Rheingold's
] thesis "in spades."

] "Technologists always say they just code, they don't make
] laws," she said. "But they should be going to Congress.
] Our rights are in jeopardy."

] "You can't change the law unless you participate in the
] lawmaking process," Doctorow said. "Technology is
] relentlessly lowering the barrier to entry in that
] process."

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