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Afghanistan: The Missing Strategy
by noteworthy at 8:09 am EST, Dec 7, 2009

Ahmed Rashid:

Those who feel the war is futile were bound to be disappointed.

The Economist on Obama, from last November:

He has to start deciding whom to disappoint.

George Packer:

Richard Holbrooke must know that there will be no American victory in this war; he can only try to forestall potential disaster. But if he considers success unlikely, or even questions the premise of the war, he has kept it to himself.

Rory Stewart:

"We're beating the cat."

"Why are you beating the cat?"

"It's a cat-tiger strategy."


Seventy percent of today's ANA recruits are illiterate.

Nathaniel Fick and Vikram Singh:

The average Afghan spends one-fifth of his income on bribes.

Rashid, back in September:

The Taliban's game plan of waiting out the Americans now looks more plausible than ever.

Elizabeth Rubin, from the Korengal Valley:

It didn't take long to understand why so many soldiers were taking antidepressants.

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