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Meddling in the Middle East
by Mike the Usurper at 4:43 pm EDT, May 8, 2003

Just a few thoughts for the day.

The Balkans, without any help from us, turned back into the Balkans and are back to their natual state of affairs which is trying to wipe each other out.

Afghanistan, which had a really crappy system of government (hey they blew up giant Buddahs, Buddah is about as inoffensive a religious figure as you get, and anyway, he's tending more towards philosophy than religion) now has the only crappier system of government, it's the same one they have in the Balkans. That's always a winner. When in doubt blow stuff up and get the hell out.

Iraq, well Iraq is even more fun. We removed a despotic dictator and they seem to be ready to put in place a despotic theocracy. I'm not sure this is an improvement. It of course gets better. 12 years ago we sold the Kurds down the river. It looks like we're about to do so again, only this time, the government that appears to be gaining ground will be one happy to remove the kurds rather just oppress them. Iran 1978 all over again? Hard to say, but the only sure thing about it is, everyone in Iraq except the Kurds wants us to get the hell out.

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