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Marijuana-scented phone covers cause hangup - May. 8, 2003
by Laughing Boy at 2:23 am EDT, May 9, 2003

] SYDNEY, Australia (Reuters) - Marijuana-scented cell
] phone covers caused such a buzz in Australia that the
] company selling them had to pull them out of a technology
] fair in Sydney Wednesday.
] Local authorities and New South Wales state Premier Bob
] Carr slammed the green, marijuana-motif covers as
] promoting drug use to young people.
] "A big over-reaction," said Robert Punch, founder, owner
] and CEO of Corporate Phone Covers.
] "It's a novelty. You wouldn't go and buy a big block of
] chocolate after smelling the chocolate one," he said.
] Made in China and arrayed next to chocolate, strawberry,
] blueberry, cherry and rose-scented snap-on covers, the
] marijuana version sold well, though only to the over 18s,
] Punch said.
] "It sells better than the strawberry, much better," he
] said.

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