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Air marshal weapon details made public -
by dc0de at 4:20 pm EST, Dec 28, 2009

Well then...

How long do we have to continue to suffer under the fools that call themselves our protectors?

DHS and TSA are foolishly thinking that they are "protecting" us, however, it was shown that the security foolishness that they call Airline Safety was recently overcome, by a man wearing explosives in his underwear.

Now that we all know that the Air Marshals are using the Sig Sauer, and the fact that you can be provided weapons ON-BOARD, by the flight crew (I was given a full can of soda, unopened, on my last 12 flights), I can travel with my pen, a pencil, CD/DVDs (can be snapped in half for a quick slicing/puncture weapon), and various other things that I can legally put in my carry on... It's time to realize that the TSA is simply a gross waste of taxpayer money.

I agree with a fellow traveller on my last flight, who said that everyone should be issued baseball bats as they board. That will settle any inflight issues. (Stick ball bats for children under 12yrs old)

Instead of spending the taxpayer $$ on xraying your carry on, let anyone take anything onboard. I really don't care. If you try to blow up my airplane, I can guarantee that if we had baseball bats, you'd better be quick, because the entire airplane is going to get their licks in, if you fail to kill us... as well, you're still not going to get what you are aiming for... publicity... of course, only if the media were to cooperate... (that's the larger problem today.)

That's my 2cents, YMMV.


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