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RE: Burj Khalifa (f.k.a. Burj Dubai) Opens


RE: Burj Khalifa (f.k.a. Burj Dubai) Opens
by Stefanie at 5:50 pm EST, Jan 14, 2010

And here's the Onion's take on the situation in Dubai...

Dubai Debt Crisis Halts Building Of World's Largest Indoor Mountain Range

"Maybe this cold hard dose of reality is what Dubai needed," said Sheikh Hamdan, adding that he remained "hopeful" his mountain range would one day be completed. "Maybe it's time for us to pull ourselves up by the straps of our handmade custom-fitted patent-leather Italian boots and put our slaves back to work. Only through ingenuity, perseverance, and forced labor can Dubai get back to being Dubai again."

RE: Burj Khalifa (f.k.a. Burj Dubai) Opens

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