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The Register | 'Relax, It Was a Honeypot'
by Rattle at 8:15 pm EDT, May 19, 2003

] I fully expected ISS to respond with a "we have
] identified the administrator that failed to patch the
] system in question, and have forced him to drink
] buttermilk while watching home movies of Janet Reno in a
] leather teddy. We are confident that this will not happen
] again."
] But they didn't.
] Instead, ISS revealed that the hacked site, the one from
] which students and universities around the world
] downloaded free versions of BlackICE to protect
] themselves from hackers, was in reality a cleverly
] disguised, purposefully vulnerable honeypot,
] strategically placed in this hostile environment to
] collect and analyze the actions of evil hackers.

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