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Eric S. Raymond | No Secrets
by Rattle at 3:51 pm EDT, May 25, 2003

] I want to know if you have ever had read access to
] proprietary Unix source code (not just binaries and
] documentation) under circumstances where either no
] non-disclosure agreement was required or whatever
] non-disclosure agreement you had was not enforced.

] I can't talk about how this information will be applied,
] nor by who. You'll have to trust me, or at any rate my
] record as an ambassador of the community, that it will be
] effective and that I will respect your confidentiality
] and not disclose any facts about individuals without
] their express permission.
] You can read about Trademark Law and Risk and How To
] Report Access.
] SCO wants to use the courts to attack us and claim
] control of the Linux code; let's make them rue the day
] they thought this was a good idea, by proving that they
] have no trade secrets.

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