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by Dr. Nanochick at 8:16 pm EST, Jan 27, 2010

Going through some old papers the other night made me realize a couple of things.

1. I am a nerd. I know...I know...this one was pretty obvious - but should see all of the old magazine and newspaper clippings I have kept over the years because something extremely nerdy was "cool" to me. As if I have time to actually go through it all in detail again - ha!:)

2. I am in a scientific silo at the moment, but consciously trying to bust out. When I started grad school, all the older students would talk about this "silo" - yes, I am talking about the things that store grain - and how as you get deeper into grad school, you would enter this silo state, where you were really unable to pay attention to science outside your field for a variety of reasons. I thought this would not happen to me, but I realize it has. I miss the outside of the silo.

3. I miss the media frenzy over the human genome project. It was just so fun back in the early 2000s. The articles I saved were so inspiring - everyone thought that it would change the world instantly to know the code. Some interesting stuff has come out of the completion of the HGP, and I think a lot more is forthcoming (in the next decade hopefully). But the mainstream media has forgotten for the time being.

4. We need more biopunk authors! Perhaps I should try this as a side venture? Writing scifi with a bio inspired edge?

Anyway, I love looking over things I saved from a long time ago - I can't wait to look back on these clippings 50 years from now and see how things have and have not changed.

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