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Computer Mod
by wilpig at 11:59 am EDT, Jun 8, 2003

] This is the first mod that I feel like its something
] different,kind of special. Not that I've done a lot of
] system mods,in fact this would be my first complete
] system. I've tinkered with case windows,blowholes and
] painting parts etc. but that went stale...quick. So,what
] to do? Well, what you will see next is my answer. This
] thing has been in the making for about 3 months and
] thankfully they were winter months,or I'm sure Mrs. Mike
] wouldn't of been so patient with me spending so much
] time on this. My skills as a cabinetmaker were all tested
] during this project,even though I was dealing with
] plastic and plexiglass and aluminum. Actually, I use
] these materials all the time in my trade,and once a
] builder,always a builder. So,here it is. Enjoy.

Normally I wouldn't pass on a case mod but this one is definitely cool.

RE: Computer Mod
by Thrynn at 12:36 am EDT, Jun 9, 2003

wilpig wrote:
] Normally I wouldn't pass on a case mod but this one is
] definitely cool.

Well, pretty cool mod. It even has functional value. I did see on problem though. He mounted the Audigy control panel in the top center. Once he connects a few peripherals, say maybe a set of headphones, he will have to deal with wires obstructing the screen. Cool none-the-less.

There is a redundant post from crankymessiah not displayed in this view.
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