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IBM, Infineon Make Memory Advances
by wilpig at 4:07 pm EDT, Jun 11, 2003

] Gallagher said there are a number of advantages to
] MRAM, the first of which is that it uses magnetic—
] rather than electronic—charges to store bits of data.
] This is done by controlling the spin of captured
] electrons. According to Gallagher, this technology
] could lead to portable devices that not only can
] store more data, but also access it faster, all the
] while using less battery power.

] Also, unlike electronic memory chips, the non-volatile
] MRAM chips can retain data even when power to the device
] is turned off. That means that PCs and other computers
] could boot up immediately similar to turning on a light
] switch, Gallagher said rather than having to wait for
] software to load up. That also will save power, since a
] device does not need a constant flow of power to keep the
] data intact.

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