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Finding trilobites by the bucket, for free
by Laughing Boy at 12:07 am EDT, Jun 27, 2003

] A blur of platted hair, arms and legs dives into the pile
] of dirt and rocks, searching for hidden treasures.
] It takes only seconds before the first high-pitched voice
] screams, "I found one!"
] "Hey, here's another one," cries out a young girl. "I'm
] finding lots of them."
] Within minutes, plastic freezer bags are stuffed with
] chunks of gray rock containing trilobites, brachiopods
] and horn corals -- Devonian-era fossils from creatures
] that inhabited the Earth 350 million years ago.
] Fossil Park, which has been built in an abandoned 5-acre
] (2-hectare) quarry about 10 miles (16 kilometers) from
] downtown Toledo, is open for its second full season this
] summer.
] And visitors can keep what they find.


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