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by Elonka at 4:31 pm EDT, Jul 5, 2003

] Pavlov found that the best way to prolong a behavior is to
] reward it intermittently. If you only get hope-inducing
] positive responses from your LO (limerent object) half the time
] you see him or her, your limerence will last a very long time.
] It's the roadblock induced by doubt that keeps it alive.

This is a blog of a guy who's been posting from October 2002 until today (July 2003), documenting his various "limerent episodes", and his ponderings about limerence. There's no clear bio or description of who he is, but from various references in his blog, he seems to be around 35-45, recently divorced, getting huge crushes at the drop of a hat to all the wrong girls.

I found reading the blog fascinating, as he documented the ups and downs of his crushes and limerence. I *so* identify with this right now!

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